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Our Mission

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Singing Jo & Co’s main aim is to continue to support babies, toddlers and children in communities around the whole of the Island ensuring that generations grow up finding happiness and learning through singing, dancing and rhyme. Singing Jo & Co is a proven group that provides valuable preschool learning and positively impacts on children’s development and achievements. We work in communities with young learners, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, childminders, aunties, uncles and friends to create a supportive network for everyone. We learn together, have fun and promote a very important sense of well-being amongst all who attend. Everybody leaves with a smile on their face!

The variety of music and drama themes, aims to promote linguistic, cognitive, emotional, creative and physical skills and fitness. In addition, each session places a high priority on the development of communication, language and literacy skills, elementary numeracy skills and knowledge and understanding of the world.