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Every day we endeavour to ignite children’s imaginations through singing action songs and telling stories. Not to mention lots of laughter with parents! What fun we have snapping like a crocodile, roaring like a dinosaur, flying like a huge dragon or a unicorn flying around the Isle of Man. At Singing Jo & Co we are always letting our imaginations travel.

How can you help to ensure this “Learning and Laughter through song” continues?

Singing Jo & Co is a small non profit making charity which supports Early Learning across the whole of the Island through singing, dancing, rhymes, music and drama. The lively action sessions are enjoyed by 600 children, babies and toddlers each week, supported by their parents, grandparents, and carers and the team also provide friendly support for parents and carers to help develop relationships, make new friends and to give confidence in supporting their young learners.

We provide a unique service where sessions are free of charge and funded by sponsors and donations from those taking part. Nobody is ever turned away. The Judges from the Isle of Man Newspaper Awards for Excellence 2018 and 2019 said: “Provides valuable preschool learning and positively impacts on children’s development” and “Jo brings passion and energy to the sessions where children learn.

Our amazing corporate sponsors who have helped us so far

Sponsoring a group like Singing Jo & Co pays for itself and it benefits the Isle of Man economy, children, their families, taxpayers and society as a whole. Not to mention, the bonus of corporate companies being able to send their staff along to our sessions to volunteer their services to support and learn about Early Years Learning. Long term studies of birth to preschool children participating in singing groups consistently find that investing in children has a large number of lasting, important benefits for the participants, their families and society in general.

If your company is interested in sponsoring Sing Jo & Co, please have a look here about what it means to us and the benefits to our society.

Let’s make a difference together

Our sessions are funded by sponsorship and donations from those taking part, but nobody is ever turned away, even if they can’t afford a contribution. If you would like to make a donation, please see the suggested options below.


If you're attending one of our sessions (and can afford to), or just fancy giving a small amount to help us along

Super Groover

Helps us purchase puppets, toys, books, sensory toys and props for stories


Help us hire venues, purchase sensory mats, musical equipment, puppets and our End of Year Leavers gifts