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How can you help to ensure this “Learning and Laughter through song” continues?

Singing Jo & Co is a small non profit making charity which supports Early Learning across the whole of the Island through singing, dancing, rhymes, music and drama. The lively action sessions are enjoyed by 600 children, babies and toddlers each week, supported by their parents, grandparents, and carers and the team also provide friendly support for parents and carers to help develop relationships, make new friends and to give confidence in supporting their young learners.


How about organising your own event through work or school? We love it when staff organise dress down days and nominate us. We had a little girl who raised some money baking and selling cakes! One mum asked all her friends to donate to Singing Jo & Co rather than buy birthday presents and spending money on unwanted toys! Wow. We loved that. Great ideas and very much appreciated.


Our sessions are funded by sponsorship and donations from those taking part, but nobody is ever turned away, even if they can’t afford a contribution. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Corporate Support

We provide Early Years Learning sessions in a relaxed atmosphere for hundreds of families around the Island. We pride ourselves on welcoming all families and we are able to support children who may have disabilities or babies or children who have sight impairments. We have recently opened our doors to elderly people from care homes which has been a wonderful experience for everybody. We welcome reception children from various primary schools. We have two members running each session which enables us to give extra support if and when it is required. We will go out of our way to ensure parents enjoy coming to our sessions.

If you would like to receive further information regarding how you can become involved in supporting Singing Jo & Co, a full detailed Charity Plan can be provided which will give you a full insight into the objectives of our Charity, outcomes and personal testimonies and a full financial plan and Accounts.


Some of our sessions can be quite large. It is not unknown to have 50 adults and 50 babies and children hokey kokeying at our session at Henry Bloom Noble Primary School. It really is great fun and lots of laughing in between singing. Fitness is also part of the Singing Jo experience. If you love children, enjoy having fun and a bit of a giggle and keeping fit then get in touch with Jo. Don’t worry if you can’t help out every week, just let us know when you can. We will always look after you.