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Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Policy

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At Singing Jo & Co we want to ensure the premises we use present no risk of fire by ensuring the highest possible standard of fire precautions. The person in charge and staff are familiar with the current legal requirements. We will always seek the advice of the Fire Officer who is in charge of the particular school building being used.

The basis of fire safety is risk assessment.

A copy of the school Fire Safety Policy is kept on file.

We also adopt ‘Dynamic risk assessment’ which is the practice of mentally observing, assessing and analysing an environment while we work, to identify and remove risk. The process allows individuals to identify a hazard on the spot and make quick decisions regarding safety.

Risk Assessments are kept on file.

The following are premises that Singing Jo & Co use.

  • Henry Bloom Noble School
  • Onchan Parish Hall
  • Sulby Primary School
  • Peel Clothworkers Primary School
  • Bhunscoil Ramsey
  • Laxey Working Men’s Institute
  • Ballasalla Primary School
  • British Legion Club, Port Erin