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Well Child Policy

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We operate a Well Child Policy.

Babies and children are going to catch colds and coughs. It is an unavoidable part of growing up.However, if your child has been around a sibling with the novo virus, it would be better to avoid this group and any play groups as it spreads very quickly. Other contagious viruses include hand, foot and mouth and head-lice.

If you suspect your child has chicken pox, on confirmation, please wait until all the spots on your child have formed scabs. At this stage, they will no longer be contagious.

If you child is generally unwell with a temperature, we would suggest you would be better staying at home monitoring the temperature and following the advice of a doctor or nurse if necessary. Please always feel free to give Jo a call to discuss any worries or concerns. We will be happy to help if we can.

Review Date: October 2020